In 2018, Simon Brothers and Dean Robinson won an ACO award for Grand Trunk, A City Built on Steam. See  Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO)     Click on picture above to view video

Stratford's Good Fortune, a perspective

Dean Robinson describes the convergence of some of the significant events in Stratford’s history that define the city’s character today. Presented by Stratford District Historical Society   Click on image above.

Not the last waltz and other Stratford stories, a book talk

Howie Morenz Hockey's First Superstar, presentation to the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR), May 20, 2017  

What's Up Stratford

Click on image above: Peter Maranger talks  with Dean Robinson about his book A Century of Service, the Rotary Club of Stratford 1922-2022. 

Saving the city hall, a perspective

Produced by the Stratford and District Historical Society (SDHS)

The "Dean" of History 

The ‘Dean’ of Stratford History

Craig’s guest is Stratford and Perth County historian and writer Dean Robinson.  The author of 23 books and the author/editor of eight other titles, Dean maintains that Stratford’s rich and colourful past is a unique part of our community’s character. Craig chats with Dean about his journalism career in London, Kitchener, Seaforth and Stratford and dives into some of the remarkable stories from Stratford’s past that inspired him to write the many books that make up his impressive library of popular history.

Click here:  Audio